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Online Debt Collection

Letter of Demand
Credit Application
Terms and Conditions
  Don't take it personally if your customer isn't paying. Be positive and send your debtor a gentle reminder. Increase your directness for payment gradually. Make sure the customer gets the demand by sending it through multiple channels.   Getting a credit application signed by your client gives you power and leads to better sales. It helps you determine how much credit to give to the customer and helps you understand your customer better.   Terms of trade are an important tool and making them clear to your customers from the outset establishes good client relationships. It sets the ground rules from the start not when a customer owes you money.  

About smartcollect(SA)


Smartcollect(SA) provides Fast Debt Recovery. If smartcollect(SA) doesnt Collect
your money, you don’t pay smartcollect. Others may say it but smartcollect(SA)
does it. Smartcollect(SA) doesn’t charge you anything if it doesn’t collect your
money. This is what drives smartcollect, and shows in its success rates.