About smartcollect(SA)

Our experience in the recovery and litigation business spans over 25 years and allows smartcollect(SA) to offer a one stop shop specialising in all aspects of the recovery process including searches, demands, litigation, negotiations, settlements, enforcement of judgments and insolvency.

Smartcollect(SA) is not a publicly listed collection agency where the needs of small and medium business will come second to those of institutional clients. Our focus is squarely on recovery and the particular needs of each client, and we do not process volume at the expense of individual skill and attention. All our operations are local and we strive to ensure that payment of our clients’ debts becomes the priority of their debtors.

  Mercentile Solitictors smartcollect(SA)
Commission only on Recovered Money YES NO YES
Legally Trained and Supervised Staff NO YES YES
Individually Tailored Demands NO NO YES
Discounts for Volume Work YES NO YES
Credit Documentation Review Package NO YES YES