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Don't take it personally if your customer isn't paying. Be positive and send your debtor a gentle reminder. Increase your directness for payment gradually. Make sure the customer gets the demand by sending it through multiple channels. Getting a handle on your debt collection process is a major component to having a successful business. Too many small businesses place aging receivables and collections as a low priority. It is important to monitor your cash flow and aging receivables on a monthly basis or more. While it is ok to write off bad debts, in the end, your handling of this process will lead to business growth. Purchase our Letter of Demand packages to regain lost revenue and boost cash flow.
Getting a credit application signed by your client gives you power and leads to better sales. It helps you determine how much credit to give to the customer and helps you understand your customer better. Like a bank, you want to know where your customer is going to be getting its money to pay you.  You will want to know who your customer’s biggest accounts are.  This will not only help you decide what credit limit you will give to your customer, it will also help with negotiations with your customer.  Knowing their customers and the problems they face gives you more insight into their business. Purchase ort Credit Application documents and don't waste anymore of your time gathering useless information. Only get what you want and what you need.
Terms of trade are an important tool and making them clear to your customers from the outset establishes good client relationships. It sets the ground rules from the start – not when a customer owes you money. Terms cover your payment terms (including any delivery costs) penalties for late payment (overdue interest and administration charges), your acceptable credit limit with that customer, the time for making any claims and time limits for the return of goods. They can explain exactly when goods actually become the property of the customer. Your terms should include personal guarantees from directors of corporate customers or from each partner. These are only some of the areas that are covered, in the terms and conditions available here. Purchase our Terms and Conditions to get you on your way to better customer relations. We also have specialised terms tailored for tradies.

When you press "Submit Form" you will be taken to a secure area
where you can safely enter your credit card information.



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