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Smartcollect provides Fast Debt Recovery and guarantees that if it can’t collect your money, you don’t pay Smartcollect. This provides peace of mind and drives Smartcollect to ensure that your money is collected quickly and efficiently and shows in smartcollect(SA)'s success rates.

Smartcollect collects your money as if it was ours putting ourselves in your shoes smartcollect(SA) takes action aimed at bringing the best result in the least possible time. Smartcollect knows that no two debtors are the same and it will negotiate with each debtor and treat each debtor differently, according to their credit history with you, their solvency and liquidity.

Our collectors understand that while companies owe you money, its people that pay the bills.

Smartcollect is the chosen the debt collection expert and partner for many businesses because of its expertise and resources. Why not make Smartcollect your debt control partner too and take a firm and professional approach to your debt collection by using a proven credit application and letter system to encourage payment from your customers. MAKE SURE YOU ARE AT THE TOP OF YOUR CUSTOMER’S PAYMENT PRIORITY LIST by having credit applications, terms and conditions and reminder letters as part of your accounts receivable practices.

You can purchase those documents here.  Kick start your business now by purchasing your credit application, terms and conditions and reminder and collection letters now.

Letter of Demand
Credit Application
Terms and Conditions
  Don't take it personally if your customer isn't paying. Be positive and send your debtor a gentle reminder. Increase your directness for payment gradually. Make sure the customer gets the demand by sending it through multiple channels.   Getting a credit application signed by your client givse you power and leads to better sales. It helps you determine how much credit to give to the customer and helps you understand your customer better.   Terms of trade are an important tool and making them clear to your customers from the outset establishes good client relationships. It sets the ground rules from the start – not when a customer owes you money.  
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